Age of Empire: vierdelig radioprogramma van BBC over globalisering.

Age of Empire is een vierdelige serie radioprogramma's die de BBC-radio afgelopen paar dagen uitgezonden heeft en waarin onderzocht wordt welke rol de VS speelt in het ontwikkelen van globalisering. De uitzendingen zijn hier te beluisteren.

The USA's global dominance is today so great that many have spoken of a new 'American empire'. In this series Jonathan Marcus examines the military, economic and cultural apsects of US power in the modern world.

In het vierde en laatste deel wordt onderzocht hoe globalisering Mexico heeft getroffen. Met oa. interview met Joseph Stiglitz, voormalig Wereldbankeconoom. The United States is one of the dominant economic players in the world. Successive Administrations have campaigned vigorously for free trade. Through the major international financial institutions the United States has a big say in setting the international trading rules which all countries have to follow. But how far does the United States itself seek to evade these rules? In this, the fourth part of our new series Age of Empire Jonathan Marcus travels to farms in Mexico and the American heartland to examine the impact of US trade policy. He looks at who benefits from free trade. And he sets out to explore how far the process of globalisation is inextricably bound up with the promotion of US interests.

(Dit artikel was oorspronkelijk op GlobalInfo gepubliceerd door Kees Stad.)