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Verslag Mesopotaams Sociaal Forum

Van 25-30 september vond in Diyarbarkir, Kurdistan, ook wel Amed genaamd, het eerste Mesopotaams Sociaal Forum plaats. Een uitgebreid engelstalig verslag daarvan volgt nu hieronder. An impression of The First Mesopotamian Social Forum Global social issues, Kurdish questions and the Turkish State in a nutshell “Welcome to Kurdistan”, the light bearded and broad shouldered man stood up, shook my hand firm and friendly while giving me greeting kisses on both cheeks this while grinning the whole time. I had arrived in the city of Diyarbakir, 36 hours by train east of Istanbul. Motive, visiting the first Mesopotamian Social Forum, a three day forum and 5 day action camp on different social and environmental topics. Alter-motive, visiting the region and people creating such a fuss in the political discussions about Turkey as member of the EU.

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